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One of DG Maintenance's founding principles is its thorough approach to maintenance believing that prevention is better than cure. Our fully trained engineers are used to working with a wide variety of air conditioning equipment and a wide range of different manufactures. They will maintain your air conditioning equipment to a high standard, which will ensure that your cooling equipment does not let you down during the hot summer months and in the case of heat pump equipment the cold winter months.

In general a maintenance contract will provide you with the assurance that air filters will be cleaned or replaced which ever is applicable on a regular basis. Internal and external heat exchangers will be kept working at maximum capacity by thorough cleaning of the finning. Drip trays will be kept clean preventing unwanted smells and water leaks. All casings and grills will be cleaned keeping the unit in pristine condition. Gravity drains will be checked and all condensate pumps will be checked over and cleaned out. Finally all functions will be tested to ensure that everything is working correctly.

If any faults are found you will receive a full report from our engineers advising you of any repairs that need to be carried out. There are many different types of air conditioning and our engineers are familiar with the vast majority of them. From a single split system to a multi unit VRF heat recovery system, to a water chiller. We can maintain and repair all of them.  


Occasionally an air conditioning unit will break down. As a client you would be covered by a 24 hr breakdown service. An engineer equipped with the tools and the knowledge available to attend on the same day, and often within the hour of your call where the situation demands it. Our engineers are permitted the time to trace and repair any fault that may occur on your air conditioning system and be on hand to provide advice and a realistic solution, to the problem presenting itself at the time.


When your air conditioning equipment needs to be replaced or you have a new requirement for an air conditioned area we will survey, design and install your new equipment to meet your needs. Determining the correct cooling / heating capacity for the new installation is critical and we have the expertise to make this calculation and also to advise you of the most suitable style of unit for any given application. Both for aesthetic and technical reasons. Our quotation will detail our recommendations, often providing you with an alternative solution to consider.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the work you can expect that the installation will be carried out in a professional manor causing the least disruption as possible. Our engineers are used to working in many different environments from care homes to industrial units. Their work will be of the highest standard and on completion of the job will complete a commissioning report for you.

After a few weeks of operating your new system an engineer will visit site to check the system for performance and see that everything is working correctly and advise you of any adjustments to the controls that may be needed to suit your requirements.  

F Gas legislation

Current legislation states that all air conditioning and refrigeration systems containing more than 3kg of refrigerant gas must have an annual leak test carried out. It also states that records must be kept on site for each unit that falls within that catogory. Including leak test records, hazardous waste transfer notes, maintenance records and breakdown reports. This is a service that we are able to offer you to ensure that your company is comply with F Gas and Ozone Depleting Substances regulations


As members of Refcom and voluntary members of Refcom Elite  you can be assured that our engineers are fully trained and competent to work  with all refrigerant gasses including the more commonly used ones in air conditioning such as R22,R410A and R407C.

R22 and other HCFC refrigerants are in the process of being phased out in Europe and virgin R22 is no longer available and is illegal to sell or store. Recycled R22 will not be available after the end of 2014.

At DG Maintenance Services we are experienced in removing R22 and other HCFCs from your equipment, be it a small  split system or large water chiller and replacing it with a drop in gas such as MO99 (R438A) in the case of a water chiller or R417A in the case of a small split system.

All recovered refrigerants which are classed as hazardous waste will be disposed of and recorded in the correct manner through our refrigerant supplier.


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