Control Panels and Control Systems

Control panels and Control systems are often considered one of the most complex areas of commercial building maintenance. There is good reason for this, with such a variety of systems installed over the years – and with systems gaining complexity year upon year – it is often difficult to know where to begin. Many breakdowns are caused by clients not having been shown the correct way to operate their equipment, either by previous maintenance contractors or even by the initial installers.

Our approach is different. We like to try and help our clients run their systems effectively for themselves, giving detailed information and often supplying the manufacturers original manuals where they have been mislaid. We frequently identify where there are cost savings to be made through running a system more efficiently.

We start with a detailed service to highlight problems and check what has been installed is running safely and correctly, suggesting improvements or further investigations as and where they are necessary. By keeping our clients in the loop we can educate but also provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

The possibilities for controlling your building services are now so vast as to be virtually limitless. We can upgrade existing installations to provide much more control, allowing zone control of office temperatures (a big issue with open plan offices) and control of all plant from your desktop PC or even remotely via the internet. Monitor your office temperature shown as a graph and check to see if your boiler and pumps are operating, adjust space temperatures instantly at the click of a button.


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