Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for many locations open to the public and most places of employment. The sole purpose being to cope with the problem of being plunged into darkness when the electricity supply fails.

Normal lighting may suddenly fail without warning for a number of reasons; a regional power cut, a fuse blowing or perhaps something more dramatic such as a fire or explosion damaging the supply cables. Whatever the cause, a well designed Emergency Lighting system can minimise the risk of personal harm by placing light on the hazards and the on the path to safety.

Such hazards might involve the safe shutdown or recovery of a critical process such as machinery, chemicals; cookers etc. which would result in an escalating danger to the operator and others as the rotating cutting machine or boiling fat fryer is suddenly plunged into darkness. Another significant hazard would be to find a swift and safe escape route without colliding or tripping over the many innocent everyday obstacles such as walls, furniture, stairs and pot plants etc. They all take on a whole new relevance when negotiating them unexpectedly in the dark!

At DGMS, we are able to help with any combination of the following.

• Review your existing Emergency Lighting system with regards to current regulations and your needs.

• Implement any changes thought necessary.

• Undertake routine tests to confirm reliable operation if/when needed.

• Remedy any problems found.

For more information please contact us.

Emergency lighting

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