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With fully trained heating engineers on staff, we at DG Maintenance Services can also offer an unparalleled level of service when it comes to plumbing and water services.

“We find that the basic plumbing services in any given building – w/c’s, the sinks you wash your hands in, your source of drinking water – are often the most overlooked. Just because industry doesn’t regulate these areas as stringently as gas or air-con doesn’t mean you won’t miss them if they malfunction.”

Marc Revell – senior gas engineer

We offer complete cover of your plumbing services; from pipework installation and repair, to service and maintenance of hot and cold water services – even scheduled checks of sanitary ware, taps and traps. Our regular maintenance work is often undertaken simply to comply with water regulations, often as part of a legionella protection programme – See other services; Tank chlorination & Legionella.


As part of our maintenance service we also offer servicing and repairs to hot water heaters, as well as specifying and installing brand new equipment. Whether heated by gas or electricity, directly or indirectly – we offer a maintenance plan which will ensure that your equipment gives you reliable and efficient service. We also maintain electric hot water kettles, such as Zip water heaters, in larger office buildings and find regular de-scaling of these units gives improved reliability.

We are seeing increasing demand for unvented hot water cylinders, such as Megaflo, in order to give mains water pressure at hot outlets. These units have many benefits over conventional vented systems but are rarely a direct swap when updating older systems. Our engineers hold the necessary qualifications to specify and install a suitable product for your demands, whatever the requirements are.

Point of use electric heaters are incredibly common in commercial settings, as they are relatively simple to install and maintain. They provide the required hot water without the complexity of an indirect cylinder and boiler layout. We can inspect and maintain these water heaters as part of a service package and often suggest a drain down and de-scale where deemed appropriate, particularly on larger units such as Heatrae Sadia’s FBM series.

As a building owner or operator you will of course be aware of your responsibility to have gas fired equipment inspected on at least an annual basis. We at DG Maintenance & Services Ltd will fulfil this requirement and more, as we fully service and inspect your gas equipment – providing you with the peace of mind that your obligations are being exceeded.


From time to time due to the build-up of what goes into our drains, like grease, silt and leaves, our drains occasionally gets blocked. This is all part of the normal wear and tear. Then there are foreign objects, often items flushed down a toilet, which cause a blockage. Finally, it might be a structural defect or breakage caused by tree roots, corrosion or subsidence.

Should you have problem with your drainage; from toilets, flooding, sinks or septic tanks we have highly experienced drain engineers with specially equipped vans.

All vehicles are equipped with the latest pressure jetting machinery and look and see CCTV survey equipment. We also have state of the art CCTV equipment to inspect all drainage systems with full digital reports.

With this range of technology at our disposal, we assess problems using a variety of techniques and fit the tools to the task.

Once we’ve found out what the problem is we have the right equipment on board to take care of it.

Most blockages can be cleared within the first 2 hours and if not our engineers will give you an honest opinion and update. All recommendations will be in writing and backed up with a quotation for remedial works if required.

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